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Passengers on ship flown home to Chile

After 154 abandoned their sinking cruise ship near Antarctica, the passengers were flown to Chile Saturday to begin their travels back home.
As they waited for their flights in Punta Arenas, a southern Chilean city, some of the crew and passengers from the ship were able to call home using satellite telephones.
A family member of one of the passengers aboard the Explorer reported that her husband, Bob Flood, was exhaused and cold because the rescue boats had taken a long time to reach the passengers.
The Explorer began to take on water around 11:30 p.m. on the 12th day or a 19-day cruise. Around 3 a.m. crew members informed passengers to board life-boats and rafts.
The passengers reacted without panic and some apparently cracked jokes about the Titanic.
It was only after spending hours in life-rafts and boats that passengers began to complain of the cold.
Officials said six passengers were treated for hypothemia.
A spokesperson for the company that owns the Explorer, G.A.P. Adventures said that passengers were able to choose whether they wanted to join another cruise or fly home on Saturday.