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December 14, 2007

Taliban militants kill 7 policeman

Taliban militants beheaded seven policemen Friday after ambushing their checkpoints in Afghanistan, authorities said.
During a separate attack, an Australian soldier and three civilians were killed.
The attackes occured 15 miles North of Kandahar city in Arghandab.
On Saturday, a suicide bomber killed six afghans, including three children, officials said.

2 LSU students killed

Two students were found shot to death at their Luisiana State University apartment after an alleged home invasion Thursday.
Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam were both international Ph.D. students in the chemistry program.
They were found inside their apartment at the Edward Gay complex late Thursday.
Both victims had been shot one time in the head, according to an LSU spokesperson.
The campus remained open on Friday while local police searched for three suspects seen leaving the apartment complex around the time of the shooting.

Bankrobber caught on Metro Transit bus

A man who robbed a St. Paul bank on Tuesday who apparently got on a Metro Transit bus after leaving the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash was arrested and charged Friday.
Shane Nathaniel Townsend, 35, of St. Paul, has been arrested and charged with bank robbery according to FBI Agent Paul McCabe.
He is accused of robbing the TCF Bank at 459 N Lexington Pkwy.
According to a criminal complaint, Townsend approaced a teller at the TCF Bank at around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. He presented a threatening note demanding money.
The teller believed Townsend had boarded the route 16 Metro Transit bus.
St. Paul Police stopped the bus and Townsend ran out the back door.
Police then caught him on foot and arrested him.
Townsend's previous criminal record includes convictions for felony theft, burglary, drugs, aggravated robbery and domestic assault.

Local teen "adopts" families for christmas

David Gholar spent his 16th birthday selling coffee at Urban Venture's City Kid Java at a local Kowalski's supermarket to raise money for needy families.
After his family was "adopted" last holiday season, Gholar wanted to sell coffee at City Kid Java, his place of employment, so he could adopt other families.
A previous story about his efforts appeared in the online edition of the Star Tribune on Monday.
Since then, many calls have been received to support not only Gholar's efforts, but his family as well.
Approximately 30 people have contacted Urban Ventures to offer gifts to Gholar's family.
The goal was to raise $1,000 and adopt a few families, but since Monday over $3,500 has been raised. Gholar is now planning to adopt at least four families in the metro area.
Gholar is a sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis.

December 9, 2007

Iraqi police chief killed

A roadside bomb in Iraq killed the provincial police chief and two guards, Sunday.
The roadside bomb struck a convoy that was carrying the police chief and two guards of a province south of Baghdad.
This is the most recent of a series of assassinations against provincial in areas south of the capital.
It may be due to the militias trying obtain control of the area, authorities said.
Police are enforcing an indefinite curfew in many provinces near the scene of the bombing and security is increased.

Possible tropical storm threatens Atlantic coast

Forcasters are predicting that a weather system off Puerto Rico could potentially become a tropical storm even though hurricane season has been over for nearly a week.
At about 5p.m. Saturday, the system was approximately 550 miles east-northeast of Puerto Rico.
It is expected to continue in that general direction at about 15-20 mph over the next two days according to the National Hurricane Center.
Within the next 24 hours, forcasters are predicting that it might become a tropical or subtropical storm.

Chanhassen hockey player remembered

Andrew Jackson, 18, died December 1 on his way to play in a club hockey tournament for Purdue University.
He was killed when the club hockey team's van rolled over near Wingate, IN.
Jackson's memorabilia was displayed at the Chaska Community Center rink Friday, during a hockey game that was played in his honor.
More than 100 of Jackson's family and friends payed tribute to him after the game as well.

Chisholm woman killed in shooting

Tiffany Johnson, 26, was killed around 12:30 a.m. Sunday after a gunman walked into Youth with a Mission in Arvada, Colo. and opened fire. Philip Crouse, 24, of Alaska also died. Two others were injured.
The gunman then fled the scene on foot. He remains missing, according to police.
A few hours later there was another shooting at a church in Colorado Springs. It is not known whether the two shootings are related.
Police said that the suspect is described as a white male approximately 20 years of age wearing a dark-colored jacket and a beanie hat. He possibly had a beard and glasses, police said.