May 12, 2007

Reading Reaction by Jessica20

Posted by Jessica Stiffarm

This article is form Ashburn, Georgia
This article was about a prom for the first time ever was going to be a mixed white/black prom. All the other previous years the proms wer held seperate one for blacks, one of whites. Alot of parents disapproved of this and didnt let their kids go, and some kids did not agree either. But the town deciced it was time for a change. Although they had a mixed prom they had a white prom a week before. What is that really showing?? That the white race is more important than the black race? I think that a change should ahve happened along time ago. I think this is a great example of how racism still exsists in our society. What do you think about this article? IS this fair? From taking this course we have learned that to some degree there is a white/black divide but is this just pushing things to far?? I think it is only teaching younger generations the white/black divide. What do you think?

This article I found really alarmijng that this kind of thing still happen in America.