Conscious vs. Unconcious

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Sigmund Freud argued that one's behavior was a result of unconscious desires. I do not thing Freud is either right or wrong. Recent science has showed that unconscious actions make up a great deal of who or what we are. For example if you wanted a dog as a pet you would be more inclined to pet a dog rather than a cat. Is this because you dislike cats, no it's because you like dogs more. Freud postulated that sexual drives were the primary motivational forces of human life. A point I disagree with, because in the end he usually wound up telling his patients they had sexual tension towards their mothers. As these two previous examples show the unconscious definitely plays a part in your everyday life. But I believe you unconscious mind works in tandem with you conscious, blending into your everyday behavior. Like many topics in psychology there is no one cause for a certain behavior, rather many factors that work together. The picture attached is synonymous with Freud because it represents our conscious and unconscious mind. Freud believed that the unconscious mind was much greater in size and importance, but was hidden (by the water). Freud was an interesting man, going as far as to use cocaine as an antidepressant. In conclusion I believe Freud made many great contributions to Psychology furthering research outside the ID and super ego.

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