correlation between good brain habits and sleep experience

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For this blog post, I'm going to talk about the topic in chapter five, specifically about sleep. Considering that we are all college students sleep is not only scare, but also an extremely important topic. I used to be pretty naïve about the issue but after reading some brain health books and taking biology is realized its importance. As important as it is, it pales in comparison to how prevalent it is as well. Many formal studies, in addition to the informal one we did in class confirms this. From reading the textbook and these brain health books it appears there is a good correlation between maintaining good brain health. However, it's important to point out, it's a chicken and the egg type argument (because its hard to exactly determine if sleeping habits causes good brain health or if good brain health habits create better sleep habits), improving on sleep habits or brain habits has an impact on the other. I think its interesting because the ideas sound so easy in theory, but are so hard in practice, especially as technology keeps improving. Mainly all of these things that help brain health and in turn aid in sleeping well include working out regularly, eating healthy and especially refraining from fatty foods at night, not smoking, avoid looking at TVs or computer screens for long periods of time, and lastly abusing medication (ironically sleeping pills as well) and alcohol. In fact it mentioned in the textbook that even if one gets a full night of sleep after consuming to much alcohol they miss out on the later stages of sleep, including REM sleep, which is when we get our deepest rest. Not only will this force us to make suboptimal decisions, make it harder to retain memory, but will also force us to want to take naps during the day when we complete important tasks. Its one of those things that's easy to say in theory but harder to do in practice, but practicing good brain habits will improve ones overall sleep experience and utility in life.

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