Dream Analysis

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Dreams are a universal event that happens to everyone and they are a window into our subconscious minds. But why do I repeatedly wake up confused, marveling at what my subconscious just created? Some people are convinced that they don't dream but it isn't true they just don't remember them, as stated in the Lilienfeld text even blind people dream. Remembering dreams is one of the most important components of dream analysis because to analyze a dream you have to know what transpired during said dream. Analyzing our dreams can help us to overcome problems in our everyday lives that are causing us stress or tribulations; in fact dream analysis has been around since the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. So how do we decipher what our dreams suggest? It is important to keep a dream journal close to your bed in order to write down everything we remember from our dream as soon as we wake up. We do this because ninety percent of what we remember from our dreams can be gone in the first ten minutes of being conscious again. After writing down everything we remember try to look for things that stand out such as reoccurring objects, or something from your conscious life that keeps appearing. When you identify these patterns, underlying importance can be found. For example if you were to dream of a sunset you can interpret a task or project has been completed and now it is time for you to relax and rejuvenate. It all sounds bogus but you ultimately have the choice to take what you want from your dreams; I feel like dreams occur for some reason so why not make the most of them instead of forgetting about them. My sister started to analyze her dreams and she found many benefits from doing so and that is how I got turned on to the idea. In fact remembering your dreams has been linked to many positive health benefits like: increased knowledge, self awareness, self healing, helping guide us through difficult decisions, and become stronger more confident people through learning more about ourselves.

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