False Memories

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Most of us, if not all, have had false memories ranging from mild to extreme cases at least once in our life. It's a "shame" to say I've had more than my share of false memories. I've also seen my friends aruging because each of them think they were right and both of them based it on their memories. Like earlier today, one of my friend, A, insisted that she already gave my other friend paperworks so she can get on with planning things. But my other friend, B, said that she "remembered" that she didnt get any paperworks so she have not done any planning. And they kept going back and forth trying to prove that they were right by using their memory. There could be two scenario to this sistuation. Maybe A really didn't give B paperworks, or B is just trying to make up an excuse so A wouldn't get mad and in doing so, B could be implanting false memory in B's head if she believe it. Does this sounds familiar? All of us have probably done something similar to this.

As I'm learning more about false memories and other factors related to it, I realized that if someone wants to plan false memory in my head, I would be an easy victim. I can be really gullible and forgetful sometimes. And when I dont remember something clearly in my head, someone could easily tell me otherwise and I would believe it. It's kind of scary to have that sort of realization, especially after the Paul Ingram article. It still blows my mind how he was fooled by his memory into thinking that he have done all those terrible things. Sometimes I would unintentionally implant false memories in my own head. For example, whenever I'm in a hurry to to leave the house, the last few minutes before I leave are blurry in my memory, because I would be rushing to do things and get ready. One time, after driving for a few minutes, I would stop and wonder if I had turn off the TV correctly. Since I can't remember clearly in my head, I try to make up false memories and reassume myself that I did turn it off.

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