Writing Assingment #1

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This particular claim is about universities serving ice cream at every meal because someone donated money and demanded that some of it be used for this specific reason. When we use the scientific thinking principle "ruling out rival hypothesis" we can conclude that this finding is false. It is false because as said in this principle that you can't make claims and only have one source or explanation to back it up with. This is a general accusation about many colleges and going more specific to talk about Harvard University and how they serve ice cream for each meal. They state that most students like it and that is why they serve it but it is also said that Eleanor Elkins Widener donated millions of dollars to Harvard and that she had certain demands of what she wanted done with the money. Another principle one can use to examine this claim is the "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." This principle can determine that the evidence must be as extraordinary as the claim and since are only evidence is rumors or what was thought to have happened we can conclude that this claim must be false. There is no proven evidence about this claim. This claim could be compared to the theory that each night lots of Americans are being taken out of their bed, experimented on by aliens, and then returned safely. Neither claim can be proven nor has significant evidence. Both claims were thought of by individuals but the individuals could not prove what they were addressing.

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