Addiction and Obsession

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Some people in this world need to have an addiction- they need to feel the pull and connection towards something to feel whole about themselves. Addiction has always been seen as a psychological or psychical dependence and involvement with something. Generally, that something is typically and socially perceived as negative, such as an illegal substance. However, it doesn't always need to be. Addictions can range from anything between work, certain behaviors, or God.

These compulsive needs generally form from the unconscious mind; they are very hard to avoid, and are almost always out of the person's control. These compulsions have extreme negative consequences on one's mental, social, psychical, or financial health. While one is obsessing with these compulsive needs, they generally cut out other activities and contact in their life. The root of addictions are more often than not directed towards a different purpose, an excessive purpose- one that isn't linked to the expected goal. For instance, a girl who feels like she doesn't get enough love and attention from her parents may develop a shopping addiction: the clothes and the shoes are always there for her when she needs them, they make her feel good about herself. She replaces the nourishment that she really needs with materialistic "love and attention." When she goes into a store and leaves without making a purchase she may feel empty inside, like she's missing part of herself. Not making a purchase causes her to have anxiety- this is exactly what happens with a behavioral addiction.
Subconsciously, addiction can arise in any form, affecting anyone. They all have different levels of severity and may require different levels of attention and support.

I personally feel, or know, that I have a "soft addiction" to my BlackBerry- I affectionately call it my "CrackBerry" ...But let's be honest addiction to a smartphone is nothing new in the twenty-first century. My BlackBerry is always by my side: I sleep with it, I eat with it, I even have it in the bathroom while I shower. I panic inside when I can't find my phone, and don't even get me started on when I accidentally leave the house without it. When I went on a mission trip this past summer, I brought my phone with even though it was advised that we didn't. But my heart sank when we reached our destination and I virtually had no reception. After our week was over and we started the trip back home, I had tears of when I was able to fully use my phone again. It isn't the actual physical cellphone that I have a fixation with, it's having all forms of instant communication at my fingertips.

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