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I have never really thought of what makes a person emotional but William James and Carl Lange have helped me to. The James - Lange Theory meaning is emotions result from our interpretations of our bodily reactions to stimuli. This theory applies to a person multiple times a day. In the Lilienfeld textbook, they use the example of a hiker running away from a bear in the forest. One would think that we get scared and run but that is not the case at all. William James initiated that the hiker was scared because he or she ran away. James also stated that it is only a correlation between the two (running away and being afraid). William James and Carl Lange did not agree on this theory all together. They dispute about, for example, the hiker was afraid so he or she ran away. Another example is we feel sad because we cry. I feel that many people would argue that but in my opinion it can be right or wrong. The example of the hiker, to me seems to make sense but the crying example is a little hard to comprehend. Research dealing with spinal cord injuries has been done with the James - Lange Theory. Researchers claim that if a person have a high spinal cord injury then they are less emotional compared to patients with low spinal cord injuries who are are more emotional. These studies cannot be too certain because the researchers knew which patients were which before conducting the study, this could affect results quite a bit. This theory is a difficult one to grasp but it is also very interesting.

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