Multiple Intelligence

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Multiple intelligence is the idea that people vary in their ability levels across different domains of intellectual skills. This theory is from the mind of Howard Gardner. This theory, according the Lilienfeld, has been enormously influential in educational practice and theory over the past two decades. Each of the multiple intelligence is a "Frame of Mind" or different ways of thinking about the world. There are eight different types of intelligence according to the theory. A person can specialize in certain intelligence type, but can do terrible in a setting that involves an intelligence type that they are not dominate in. The eight intelligence test are linguistic, logico-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistc.

I find it amazing how teachers can now form their classes to fit their students types of intelligence type. A teacher can focus on using teaching techniques that can help a student in certain ways. A student with high Musical intelligence will probably learn better when what their learning is paired with some form of rhythm or tune. The multiple intelligence shows that people are smart in many different ways.

I just took the test and here are my results:
Multiple Intelligence.png
The results I find are quite accurate! I love music and I work better when there is music in the background. As I am writing this blog and studying for Psychology I am listening to music (as of right now Kids by MGMT)! Interpersonal Intelligence is also high, which I agree because I love working with people. I love nature and I love marching band (which is probably why Kinaesthetic is high, and also I love doing yoga and I want to take a ballet class here at the U). Overall I believe that I do excel in these types of intelligence.

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