The Big Five

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The TV show NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) provides the perfect example for the Big Five. The show is about special agents, stationed in Washington D.C., that investigate all major criminal offenses. The investigative team consists of Gibbs, the boss, his three special field agents (DiNozo, McGee, and Ziva), and Abby, the forensic specialist. Each member of the team has his or her own personality that helps make the show so entertaining to watch.

Agent Gibbs is the type of boss that everyone wants to please. He is the one that the team looks up to and goes to for guidance. He is responsible and only acts if he knows it is the right decision, which is always his gut response. Gibbs is the perfect example of a person with a conscientiousness personality. The three special field agents all have different personalities. DiNozzo is the "social butterfly" of the group and is always cracking the jokes. His personality would be best known as extraversion. McGee has a neuroticism personality in which he is usually tense and lacks self-confidence. Ziva, who has an agreeableness personality, usually tends to be social and concerned when others are in danger. The last personality trait in the Big Five describes Abby, who is [open] to experience. She is the "odd ball" on the team that everyone loves. She is intellectually curious and very unconventional. Together, each and every one of their personalities provides a hilarious, as well as a captivating TV show to watch.

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