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Every second of everyday people have emotions. In my own words emotion is defined as how we feel based on what has happened to us or from what we have experienced. I think this concept of psychology is important because it is one of the main things of a person's life. Emotions can alter decisions and change points of views. Emotions can vary based on culture too because of what has happen to that culture in the past. Sometimes we fake our emotions to please other or to make things seem different than they really are. For example if a person is very sad but when they are around others they smile and seem happy than people in their surroundings figure that the person is indeed happy and not sad. Facial expression and tone of voice can determine how a person seems to be emotionally. There are seven facial emotions that are easily recognized, they include happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, and contempt as the text book "From Inquiry to Understanding" states. Sometimes things that we do not even acknowledge can alter our emotions and we aren't even aware of it. Exposure to things has effects on our emotions. People who are interested in Object A are more likely to seek things dealing with object A than a person who is not interested in Object A. There are many different items that can effect out emotion and there are also many different theories and concepts as to why they do affect them.

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