False Memories

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If there is one concept in psychology that I will remember five years from now would be false memories. I'm going to remember this concept because I like to try and convince people that they did things that they never really did. My friends and I like to trick people into thinking that they did very embarrassing things. Taking this course has allowed me to understand why some people believe the stupid things that I tell them and try and figure out why they did it. I find the idea of false memories very interesting and a little bit funny. Almost every weekend I find a person that I can convince them that they did something stupid; although sometimes my friends have tricked me into think I've done some very stupid things. I'm not sure that this concept will really help me in a constructive way, but I know that understanding this concept of false memories will lead to good times and laughs shared by all. If I can convince someone that they have pooped their pants in the middle of a party then in my mind I have successfully completed my purpose in life. False memories is a concept that once understood must be used to help the greater good and not fall into the hands of super villains, such as Lex Luthor.

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