The Mozart Effect

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When I need to think about something that I will remember for the next five years I automatically think about the Mozart Effect. The Mozart Effect has always come across my mind because I've been around kids my whole entire life. My mom has ran a daycare since before I was born so I have had the opportunity to watch many different kids develop and grow as individuals. With my mom still doing a daycare, after reading the section on the Mozart Effect, I've been super curious about if it works as well as psychologist have said it does. I've read nothing but good things about the Mozart Effect and have been curious to see if I would get the same results. I've been reading extra information due to my curiosity and it metions that about 75% of families that use the Mozart Effect have positive results for how intelligent their kids are in the future. One day I do believe that another study similar to the Mozart Effect will come out and prove the theory and support the facts that it gives out. Until then, a lot like many other studies, the Mozart Effect will always have it's disbelievers, but I have been a believer since I read about it for the first time, It's really interesting to talk to my mom about a subject like this because she doesn't play Mozart music for the kids for fun but I've always been curious what the kids parents would think if she were to mention the idea to them. See how many would be believers or disbelievers. This Mozart Effect will be the one thing that I will forsure remember for the next five years, and I will always wonder if I were to try and conduct an experiment if I would get the same results that a psychologist would.

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