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There is so much information that I have learned from Psychology 1001. The thing that I think i will take with me for the rest of my life is the scientific questions. Throughout the semester the textbook has constantly brought up the point of do things meet the criteria of the scientific questions. These seven questions can answer a lot of questions when dealing with different theories and phenomena. I will always remember that when dealing with different theories that sound hard to believe that I should remember the scientific approach of Occam's Razor, meaning that if people are making specific claims there is usually a much simpler answer to the question then they are accounting for. Also when people are making claims that you believe to be false you should use the scientific approach of falsifiability, because if theories can not be backed up by scientific evidence and be falsified then someone should not believe it. These seven questions have helped me to develop a better understanding to Psychology and also to science in general. They have taught me to use science when dealing with questions with many answers, and have also taught me the concept of correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Many people believe that just because two things have some correlation it means that one caused the other, when in reality most of the time their is a third lurking variable that causes some influence on the situation.
Once again i would like to say that Psychology has taught me much that i will need for the rest of my life and I'm sure that there is more than one thing that i will remember in 5 years, but the one that will stick out the most is how to use the scientific questions to answer many things when dealing with science.

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