What I will take away from Psych

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Throughout the year I've found myself gaining more and more respect for psychology as a science. I now find myself thinking much more scientifically about thought. Now when people behave certain ways I take the time to step back and think about why they are the way they are. It has been a very introspective process as well, I've tried to figure out exactly what has made me the way I am.

Some of the most interesting things to me have been the specific experiments. I think very logically so to see the way psychologists work through an experiment makes sense to me and helps me to understand the concepts. The early childhood studies are a good example of how simple experiments can show at what ages children develop certain cognitive abilities.

Another important thing I learned from this class was to be skeptical of claims made by others, and exactly what it means to be skeptical. You need to be open to any new idea, but use the principles of scientific thinking to determine if what you're hearing is grounded in science. There are plenty of things we as humans are still learning, and at the same time there is also room for some of our long-held beliefs to be proven wrong.

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