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I will remember the unit about personality the most. I think it was very interesting to learn how we are consistently different from each other and why these differences (or characteristics) matter. I like learned about the different big five traits and how a person for example who has high agreeableness would differ from someone who has low agreeableness. I think I learned a lot about myself during this unit. The one thing that I found really odd about the unit was the section about Freud. It just seems so weird and unusual that it seems odd that it at one time dominated psychology. However, it does show how far personality has gone since that time. I also found the origins of our personality to be really interesting. Growing up, I always assumed that personality was created from how we were raised. However, now to me, it makes more sense at least in my life that personality is heritable. There is my mom and dad who are different and similar in many. My mom is high in agreeableness, extraversion, and openness in experience. She is also low in neuroticism. My dad is high in introversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. He is also low in extraversion. I ended up being a mixture of both of them. I think I am most interested in personality, because it applies to my life more.a_Myers_Briggs_Chart_Medium.jpg

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