CH 11: Emotion and Motivation

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Katelyn Wright

Chapter 11 largely covers a subject that I think is very interesting to all college students: emotion and motivation. Our emotions affect us every minute of the day, yet most of us are unaware of what causes these emotions and where they come from. This chapter explores some of these ideas and answers some pretty cool questions:

1. What causes emotions?
In this chapter we will learn that emotions are not only triggered by events, but also triggered by our culture and our genetics. We will learn about the debate that emotions are either products of thinking or thinking is a product of emotion.

2. How do people express their emotions?
Emotions, as chapter 11 explained, are largely expressed by our facial features. These facial expressions are a result of evolution and years of adapting! For example, when we are scared, our eyes widen so that we can be more alert to our surroundings. Emotions are also expressed nonverbally through body language, gestures, and cues, which are all almost more psychologically important that our actual words.

3. What makes us happy?
This chapter describes some of the main things in life that statistically make people have a happier life in the long run. Examples include marriage and graduating from college.

4. What motivates us?
Humans are psychologically driven by TWO main things: food and sex. Seems simple, but there are many more factors of motivation that we have additionally developed. For example, we are motivated by incentives and our own hierarchy of needs.

5. What's the deal with love, attraction, and hate?
Chapter 11 will tell us all about why we are attracted to certain people and why we fall in love... or why we hate certain things and people! These attractions/hate all stem from social influences, our proximity to people, similarities or opposites, and physical attractions. It also explains the different kinds of love, such as passion, commitment, and intimacy.

I found the section about facial expressions to be really interesting. Take a look at these expressions and look at all the differences in each facial feature!


As college students, we are constantly wondering about our emotions, needs, and relationships. Chapter 11 tells us all about the psychology behind this fascinating topic!

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