Ch. 9: controversy and consensus

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In chapter 9, intelligence is discussed quite thoroughly. This chapter discusses on if/how environment and genes affect an individual's intelligence level. One thing that I find interesting is that I.Q. tests are mostly not accurate, this is because people, when taking tests, can get nervous and mess up. Also, I.Q. tests do not measure the process of thought.
iq-bell-curve.gifThe process of thought is critical in order to measure and understand someone's intelligence level. Another idea that is introduced in this chapter is that racial identities can make a difference in intellect. I believe that this is a load of chap because every individual is different from the next not because of their race, but because of their thought process and ability to understand. Also, it is introduced that being of a certain sex makes a difference in intelligence as well. Stereotypes are wrong in all forms because a minority of each group of individuals actually pertains to the stereotype given to them. As I have said previously, it is the individual's thought process, not it's identity that matters. Another concept that plays a big role in intelligence is perseverance. Those who work hard to pursue knowledge become more intelligent in the end. It does not matter whether you're black; white; Asian; man; or woman, all that matters is how hard an individual works toward true knowledge and intelligence.

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