ESPN Catches My Eye Every Time


A website that I visit literally fifteen times a day is ESPN. I think that this website is well-designed, granted I am not a huge technology person so there are probably some things that could be done to improve it. I think that there are many examples of sensation and perception. Relating to perception, I think that color is a huge factor. Red plays a very big role on the main page. The color red reminds me of competition and strength. As far as sensation goes, I think that it sends off a very competitive vibe through the pictures that they choose to display on the main page. There is a scroll-through of top stories with pictures and the pictures always seem to be intense and capture you to make you want to read more into the game. This website has a good layout I think because it is organized and you can find what you are looking for pretty easily. There are the different sport tabs right above the top stories that you can click on if you are looking for a particular sport. There are also scores displayed at the top of the page, which is very helpful if you want to check a final score quick for example. The constant score updates give the sensation off that it is always changing, which in my opinion amps up the competition aspect. I think that they do a good job of putting the most important information at the top of the page because I never scroll to the bottom; everything that I am interested in is always at the top portion of the page. Another benefit of this website is that you are given the option to personalize it. You can tell the website which players, teams, etc. you are interested in and it will give you headlines relating specifically to your preferences. I love this website so definitely check it out if you are a sports nut!


I agree with what you have to say about the espn website. Even though i dont follow it to watch my soccer news i do follow another page. This website i visit atleast 15 times a day like you do, i check for recent updates, recent news, and game highlights. I am a person very passionate about my soccer team, therefore i follow the page looking for news about the team or soccer in general.

ESPN is the most helpful way for me to know the daily news about NBA and NCAA. I think ESPN really does a good job of catching readers' eyes.They may apply some knowledge of psychology to the web page design.

I agree with your ideas about color and attention attraction. Previous research has been done about how different colors affect people's mood and attention. This can be specific to age and gender at times but for the most part colors like green are said to promote a calm and focused mental state, where as red promotes anger or intensity. Pink is usually associated with softness and women. It is understandable that ESPN would have a red theme for their website.

I agree with your ideas about color coordination. Colors can be very important factors in affecting a person's attention and emotions. Previous research has been done in this field of study and has shown a correlation between attitude and colors. For example it is believed that the color green can promote feelings of calmness and focus where as the color red can promote feelings of anger, intensity, and competition. Sometimes the color pink is associated with softness and women. It makes sense that ESPN uses the color red as their color scheme to promote the feeling of intense competition.

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