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In this youtube video, Elizabeth Loftus explains many different situations where researchers are able to create false memories in one's brain. The researchers were able to make people think that when they were a child they got lost in the mall, spilt punch at a family wedding on the bride's parents or attacked by an animal. They used suggestive memory techniques of imagination, dream interpretation and hypnosis to alter people's memories. They also talked to some of the participants' parents to find out more details about their childhood, so it would be easier to create the false memory.


I believe that is is actually very easy to create a false memory in a person's head. When I was in junior high, I went to Valley Fair with a church camp. While my friend and I were waiting in line, we starting talking to the boy behind us. We questioned him if he remembered us and we told him that we had went to summer camp with him when we were younger, which never actually happened. We came up with details trying to get him to remember and after a while he thought that he might have actually remembered who we were. So, I think that false memories are very easy to plant into someone's head especially when it is about their childhood.


False memory can also be a result of something that you want to happen or something that you were thinking about doing, but never did. In the image above, the patient thought that they paid the doctor already. The patient might have thought that they paid already because they may have thought about how they need to pay the doctor sometime before the appointment happened .


That is a great story. That was a good trick, and I agree that implanting memories from childhood is easier because of the less concrete nature and level of assuredness because we tend to know our older experiences much more than what occurred in kindergarten.

Great story that acts as a great example of a false memory. It's hard to believe that many of our memories that we think we have could in fact not even be real. Our brain's way of justification, or making something up is just another way it plays tricks on ourselves!

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