I knew 6-seconds before you did, that you were going to read this post


Scientists know the decision you're going to make 6-seconds before you ACTUALLY make the decision. Maybe it's just me, but that is NOT a pleasant thought.

As a human, I pride myself on being independent and having the freewill to make my own decisions. America itself is built on the idea that there are fundamental freedoms that all human beings have, and that includes making their own decisions. But the idea that someone else's conscious could know your decision before you yourself know it, is a hard concept to grasp. According to experimenters, there's a certain amount of brain activity that occurs before we make a decision. An increase of a certain area's activity can tell scientists whether you're going to choose right or left, up or down, etc. This gives them a head start, on your consciousness, to what the decision you have made is.

Mathematician Marcus de Sautoy made the conclusion that our conscious actions are actually SECONDARY to our brain activity. Although our consciousness are our lives, the activity occurring in our brain determines the decisions we make. Our brain activity and conscious minds are connected, which helps our brain activity recognize certain aspects of our personalities. Because of this connection, our brain activity isn't as likely to make a decision that your conscious self would be appalled by. Our consciousness is our brain activity, and that is what controls our lives.

Personally, I never thought the idea of making decisions needed or could be explained by science. I always imagined our decisions are based on our past experiences, which are just memories and lessons stored in our minds... But I stand proven wrong by Science.


This concept of scientists being able to predict our decisions before we make them is amazing and scary at the same time. I never knew anything like this ever existed until I read about it in the textbook. Science has come so far, but just how far is too far? I think that this is something that should not be taken lightly, after all, our brains are just about the only thing left in this world that is truly our own.

The ideas that our free will isn't so free and that our consciousness isn't under our control as we may have previously believed it are scary, but at the same time, infinitely cool.

These facts stress the relationship between our physical self (brain make-up and chemistry) and our mental self (what can be called the "soul"). Because if we are making a decision, but really the individual isn't, but their human brain is, who is really making a decision?

It's really wildly fascinating and I hope more research is done to learn more about it.

I have to admit the title of this entry made me stop and read it..very cleaver!
Prior to this class I also had no idea that our actions could be predicted. I thought that happened simultaneously. It's exciting to learn about discoveries like this one and even more exciting to think about discoveries that will be made in the future.

Great post, I would feel lost if I were part of the experiment. How can someone know what I'm going to do? It would be an ideal to think of our minds as somehow better than being able to be boiled down by science.

Ok, that is just scary. I guess one comforting thought is that others still can't tell specific decisions we're making; rather, only if we're making decisions. Hopefully that day of discovery never comes, as it would be extremely uncomfortable to think that someone has access to potential outcomes of every decision you make, before you actually make them!

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