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In this advertisement, the promoter is aiming his interests towards women. The image induces many feelings of warmth, softness, and cuteness. The combination of a nice looking man with a sweater on and puppies in his arms seems a bit overdone.
This advertisement could be broken down into the types of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli and responses. The unconditioned stimulus is the puppies and attractive man . The unconditioned response is comfortable and cute. The conditioned stimulus is the Molson beer in his hand. The conditioned response is relating the beer with being comfortable.
I find this ad to very strange. At first glance it is hard to tell what the picture is trying to sell. You have to look at it closely to find the Molson beer label on the beer. That could be part of the selling tactic. Making your buyers look closely at the ad which makes it more memorable. Also, to me, when I think of beer, I relate it with men more so than I do with women. It's odd that they are targeting women with this advertisement. Perhaps it is because they feel that enough men drink their beer and they would get a larger market if they targeted women directly.


At first glance at the AD, I too was lost as to what exactly they're advertising. Even stranger is that a man drinking beer should probably not be holding 2(adorable) puppies. It is quite easy to see how they're trying to appeal to a female audience, but it comes off too strongly. There are too many aspects of the AD that the product seems to get lost in there. But as you said, it could also be a technique.

I think the advertisement initially does a good job of grabbing the viewers attention because as you both stated you were interested and baffled by the advertisement so it seems to have thoroughly caught your attention thus accomplishing the job. It is unclear of how much the ad actually drives the viewer to want a molson beer though.

Haha, I think this ad is hilarious! This advertising agency was clearly trying a bit too hard to appeal to women, don't you think? I agree that they made it difficult to identify what they were selling. I'm glad that this class taught me about the use of classical conditioning in I won't easily fall prey to ads like this one. :)

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