Nature V. Nurture


Nature or Nurture? Free Will versus Determinism? Can you find some article, issue or claim where one of these great debates is still in dispute? What is your reaction? What alternative explanations might be useful to consider?

This is the article that I found.


This article brings up the idea that most people entertain when they face the debate of nature vs. nurture. This idea that I am writing of is the idea that it is near impossible to tell whether a trait was picked up through nature or nurture, this of course excludes deseases and disorders. Not all children that are born into good homes with great parents turn out to grow up like their parents. Other environmental aspects in a child's life can greatly affect their development. These can include other people in the child's life such as teachers and friends, TV, things they see on the street, and many others. Genetics does play a roll, but I think environment and decision making plays an even bigger role in how an individual acts. nature-v-nurture.jpg
I believe that there are certain behaviors that can be passed down through genes, but just because they are more susceptible to the behavior, does not mean they are going to act it out. The decision is there's, not genetics. My biological father is a wife beating alcoholic, which means that all of his children are at risk of being violent and becoming alcoholics. motivator325030.jpg But through good decisions because of environmental factors, my 30 year old sister has 3 kids and is not violent and only drinks on occasion, my 21 year old brother drinks socially and has full custody of his 3 year old daughter, I do not like the taste of alcohol because I had to grow up watching my mom get beat because my father was drunk and I am also the first person in my family to go to college, and my 14 year old twin sisters are fully against abuse of people, alcohol, and drugs. We chose this.genes-environment-choices-500x492.png This is because we had a mother that taught us how to become responsible adults and to wash our hands of our father entirely. Even though there is still a genetic connection between my siblings, my father, and I, we do not consider him as our father and do not speak to him, and we do this because of what kind of environment we were raised in because of him. This again shows how nurture can out do nature exponentially.
Speaking of twins, this article also brings up the twin study on temperament that we discussed in lab last Tuesday. My twin sisters are fraternal twins who were raised in the same household the same way, and they couldn't be any more different. One is more agressive but takes it out in sports and the other is more intelligent and takes her frustrations out on video games.
I'm not saying that genes have nothing to do with anything, I believe that people are born gay for instance, but environment and choices are a huge part of human behavior and development as well.2008-10-08.jpg


Although some of your evidence is anecdotal, you still bring up a good point for your side. It seems that you have a great mother.

Perfect pictures used. The pictures clearly explain some concepts, which helps me a lot to walk through your blog.

I completely agree with your points and the article. I think that the environment that one is raised in, is the biggest determining factor of how they end up in life. Your examples were very clear and made me understand your points a lot better!

I agree with your point of view, I personally also feel that environment and genes are both important in how a person turns out to be. Although personally I feel environment is the most important factor since that's what many people tend to base their decisions on.

This article was extremely intriguing and the fact that you have concrete personal evidence makes it much easier to agree with and relate too. Every point you made was backed with a solid explanation. You explain how both nature and nurture play important roles in the behaviors of individuals.

I find your article to be quite intriguing. It is well written and it uses the pictures very well to help aid the points you are making throughout the blog post. For instance the twins picture explains the discoveries of scientific research regarding twins being raised in different environments and twins being raised in similar environments. Good job.

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