I've got a handful of stories that relate to the idea of egocentrism seeing as I spend a fair lot of time babysitting my young cousin, Henry, who is four years old.


One time in particular I was driving him home after picking him up from his daycare. Henry was strapped into his car chair in the back seat and I had the windows open because it was a particularly nice day. A bee flew into the car and Henry freaked out and shrieked about the bee saying "It's right there! It's right there!" not understanding that I did not see the world through his eyes and that his telling me the bee was "there" didn't explain anything. I tried prompting him to tell me where in the car the bee was, like if it was by one of the seats or by his backpack, and after a long while of this he managed to tell me where it was. It was tough though, because he kept falling back on pointing and saying "It's right there!", which is something that I couldn't relate to, not being in his seat and having his view of the car.


In my opinion, everyone shows egocentrism to other more or less. I am confused on what the egocentrism really is. Is the egocentrism a kind of appearance of the selfish nature of human beings? We become less egocentric than we were in childhood or we just know how to hide our selfishness?

I can relate to your experience with your cousin because I have several nieces and nephews. I think it is really interesting how they can come up with a bazillion questions, with each question leading to another. Eventually they typically lead to a question that is almost impossible answer, and then that gets us thinking as well. Kids expect us to know everything, but we don't.

I'm not sure this is exactly an example of egocentrism. It appears to me as if your cousin Henry was experiencing fear and the inability to accurately describe his emotions in the situation. Egocentrism is characterized more by an inability to understand other peoples opinions while holding their own opinions in higher regard than others. They accept their ideology as the most superior and refuse to accept and understand that other people have different opinions than them.

Most of us think of egocentrism as a person who thinks highly of themselves for whatever reasons and are often condescending to others. I think that defines narcissism more accurately, and I think the example mentioned in the blog is egocentrism.

I don't know about nieces and nephews, but I have several friends in and out of college that still do this - sad.

I think it's interesting to see real examples of ecocentrism. I've also experienced similar situations when babysitting. The kids do not really understand other people's points of view at all. It's interesting to think that in a few short years, their perspective of themselves and of others will change so dramatically.

I can completely relate to this! I have a 5 year old nephew who does the same thing as well. He will constantly refer to "that one time" he experienced something, completely unaware that I didn't experience it since I was not there! Although its frustrating.. you can't deny its cute!

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