Audie's Attempt


I have decided to do Piaget's conservation tasks experiment. The subject for my experiment will be Audie; a 3 year old girl that goes to my mother's at home daycare. She has been in kindergarten for the past year and is eagerly ready for my experiment (She knows she will get to drink the apple juice after).

For the start of the experiment I put 3 glasses on the table just like in the picture. I fill the two glasses that look the same up to the same point and ask her which cup has more juice. She quickly says that they both have the same amount. This does not surprise me so I then pour one of the cups juice into a taller, but thinner cup. I proceed to ask her again which cup has more juice. To my surprise Audie points to the taller but thinner cup. I asked her if she was sure and she nodded her head quickly. In this experiment Audie showed a great real life example of a child not being able to understand the conservation of a liquid. It was okay with Audie though because she still ended up getting the apple juice that she was dying to have.


Interesting experiment - How true of children!!

Real life examples like this make me think again about the experiments we talked about in lecture, which showed that children as young as 5 months could understand conservation. What you show is clear evidence that a three year old cannot do it. There might be language issues involved, but I find it hard to believe that a 5 month old baby can understand this but a 3 year old girl cannot.

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