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I found the lectures on babies and toddlers very fascinating. How at such a young age they can already be tested on how they react to certain situations and circumstances. Also, how their minds work even when they are not fully aware of what is going on in their surroundings.

The video where a newborn baby was held and the person holding the baby was moving an object left to right in the baby's view, the baby was following the object from left to right. Personally i never realized any of the new things i learned till now.

I actually took into consideration and tried the experiment on my own. Since i have an aunt who recently gave birth, i gave her a visit and performed almost the same experiment and it actually did happen; what the video demonstrated.

What i still wonder is:
What else can a baby toddler do besides follow an object with it's eyes?
Can they also mimic face expressions?


I have also been curious about the same questions. I never knew how long exactly it took for babies to be able to see in front of them or perceive anything by sight. It is so interesting to study these babies, but frustrating as well since they can't exactly speak for themselves. For this reason I really give credit to child psychologists who study these questions.

In this class I have learned many things about development and am fascinated by how alert and smart babies are. They pick up on things so quickly. One thing that really sticks out to me is when we learned that babies can hear the changes in pronunciation that adults or children older than one can no longer distinguish. I look forward to having children of my own and witnessing and being apart of their developmental and learning process.

This was indeed an interesting section, one thing I found intriguing was the fact that babies have a grasp of object permanence within a few months of being born. It's fascinating to see how someone so young can to some degree understand a concept that one would assume takes longer to comprehend.

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