Five Years from Now


One thing that I really found, not only interesting, but really helpful, was the section on sleep. As a college student, that is something that you need. Sleep is important for every aspect of life. It helps you study, it helps your mood, and even helps your attitude. The thing that really stuck with me the most was when it says in the book that you should hide your clock when you sleep so you don't watch the time, sleep in a cold room, avoiding caffeine a little bit before bed, going to sleep and waking up at regular times, avoid naps during the day (the hardest one to adjust to), as well as reading, watching tv, and surfing the web before bed. This is information that I will retain for way more than five years. Sleeping is one third of a persons life, and without it makes your life so much more depressing.


Another thing that I found very interesting is the concept of lucid dreaming, or the fact that you are able to realize you are dreaming in the middle of a dream. I have experienced this before and it is a really weird feeling to have. The concept of dreaming is intriguing in itself, just because it is so mysterious and although there has been a lot of research on it, it is still not very well known. In the end, it sleeping is essential, and still very mysterious, but the parts that are known are going to stick with me forever.


I took a lot of the sections on sleep to heart, too. I'm having a bit of trouble cutting down on the caffeine, though.

You make a good point that sleep is a good chunk of your life, so you'd better enjoy it! :D I agree.

I was able to relate to the sections on sleep as well. Most college students don't get enough sleep and I am most definitely in that majority. I will have to try and incorporate some of the tips provided in the readings to maximize the time I do get to sleep!

i believe sleep is a concept everyone will almost remember throughout their lives because u do it on a daily basis. Sleep is a essential factor to remain healthy, energetic, and relaxed. without sleep we wouldn't be able to function and as a college student it is very necessary to at least get 6-8 hours asleep a day.

I learned a lot from this unit too. The things i've had to work on changing is watching t.v./surfing the web before bed and watching the clock. The amount of sleep you get affects how much you enjoy life when you're not it's important to get the right amount!

I really enjoyed this topic as well. As a college student I find myself needing sleep and sometimes struggling to fall asleep at night. After reading the section about sleep and learning the tips you listed above, I found it easier to fall asleep, especially in a cold room. Nice job on this blog post!

The sleeping topic was definitely really interesting. Most college students don't follow many of their suggestions. We have really varied schedules of sleep (going to be early one night, pulling an all nighter the next), we drink a lot of caffeine, nap frequently, and many of us definitely surf the web or do homework in bed. It's interesting to think of all the habits we should change to be healthier.

I never really looked at those suggestions for sleeping but most of them make sense. I don't understand how you could hide your clock though. That seems like an essential thing when waking up. Unless, of course, you have an alarm set.

I agree with how important sleep is. I have found in myself that I have to get my sleep in order to function and be productive on any given day. There are so many things that we should work on such as not taking naps, not being on your computer right before you go to bed, etc. I still, however, struggle with these. It has been something that I have been trying to work on this semester. I have been trying to go to bed at the same time and waking up at approximately the same time each day. This has helped when I actually stick to it.

I loved learning about sleep! It is such a vital thing to life. You cannot survive without it, and, if you sleep very little, you will ultimately live a very stressful and depressing life. Lucid dreaming is something of interest as well. I go through it all of the time, and it is a crazy concept! Great post, well written!

I really love sleep and the study of it, especially dreaming. I remember the textbook said that most people dream about really mundane, everyday activities, and I just find that really strange, since my dreams are very wild and crazy.

Also, I find it strange that some people seem to not need sleep in very large quantities, if at all. I don't know why this is, but it would be interesting to look into.

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