Freud's Defense Mechanisms


I will never forget Freud's Defense Mechanisms because I am able to directly apply them to the social environment I interact with. I think it is very interesting when I am able to talk to someone and understand when they are in denial or repressing something because it gives me an edge on the conversation and a very analytical as well as unique perspective. If I am ever experiencing any anxiety I will be able to identify any unconscious maneuver I am using to minimize the anxiety. As a runner I build up a lot of anxiety and cope in many different ways so this concept directly affects my life. A humorous picture of a banana with the word apple written all over it illustrates the defense mechanism of denial. denial.jpg
I will remember this for at least five more years because I will be running for the rest of my life and always feeling some form of anxiety on the race day and be thinking about Freud's defense mechanisms as I look back on the race and sentiments I had about it. These are applicable to every aspect of my life from the work place to athletics to academics.


It's always nice to be able to understand the person you're talking to because you have more knowledge about how their mind works. Each person is unique, and struggles with unique someone who is often in denial! Psychology can help us be more tolerant of others' behavior, right? :D

I found Freud's defense mechanisms to be very interesting as well. It's nice to understand and even be able to predict reactions of other people and it's sort of fun to have insight on the how others show anger without them even realizing it themselves

I agree that it is very important to be able to "figure someone out" while you are talking to them. It's never good to have someone who is very mysterious. You don't want to say something "wrong" or hurtful. Denial is also a very hard thing to deal with or help others deal with. It can be a difficult thing to try and help a person to accept the fact that they are they way they are, even if they don't want to believe it. Just like it is very hard to persuade a banana that he is actually a banana, not an apple.

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