I asked for a pony, WTF is this?


We learned many important concepts this semester, many of which can and will be useful in the future. We've learned things like what makes up a personality, how learning is accomplished, ways to improve memory, and what it takes to be a genius. However, I think the most important concept from this course that I will use in the future is the information on parenting styles. Arguably, this is the most important part of your life, that is, if you choose to have kids. However, according to the book, it takes a lot to screw up a child. They are extremely resistant and won't become maladjusted simply because of a parent's behavior.

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As discussed in the book, the three types of parenting are: permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian. Permissive is the most forgiving for the child, with few boundaries and little punishment. On the other end of the spectrum is authoritarian parenting, where parents are "quick with punishment" and strict with limits. It is no surprise then that somewhere in the middle is the ideal parenting style to raise a well-adjusted child with a solid personality. Fortunately, I had authoritative parents, who clearly expressed their expectations and enforced limits. At the time I thought the limits were a bit ridic, but looking back they may have even been a little lax. No matter what, if your daughter is saying, "I asked for a pony, WTF is this?", you probably did something wrong.


This is an awesome entry. I really thought that this topic was extremely useful and important as well and I really appreciate your humor and irony. A lot different from most bland blogs, I'm loving the picture as well! Hopefully my kid never says this, because they aren't getting a pony.

This is very clever and I agree that children are very durable. According to the theory of neuroplasticity findings reveal that many aspects of the brain remain plastic even into adulthood. Plastic meaning unchanging. In the 20th century it was believed to be the opposite that the brain structure is relatively immutable after a critical period during early childhood.

Children are definitely very resilient and able to make it through extreme situations, so of course authoritative parenting would mold the best child. Yet the other styles would most likely not screw up a child's life in the future. I certainly hope my kids don't expect me to get them a pony.

I find this very fascinating, because this will definitely click in when you become a parent. At first it you may think what kind of parent should i be wether a permissive type or an authoritative. Either has there pros and cons but i believe it would be best to be something in between where you are forgiving but at the same time give punishments for bad deeds. Or else they will not learn

I thought this was incredibly interesting, both when it was mentioned in the book and your post. I hope this will become a little more well known that parenting doesn't need to be perfect, and there is no perfect way to raise a child.

I definitely think that parenting style isn't the only influence on how a child turns out. Thinking of my friends and their parents, some are exactly alike. If they have authoritarian parents, they are very reserved and never do anything "bad." But then again other friends with authoritarian parents went the other way, and like to do crazy things completely ignoring their parents rules.

I thought this was a great entry. I found it very entertaining and humorous at the same time. I, also, was fortunate enough to have authoritative parents and I think I turned out okay. It is interesting to look at certain close friends of mine or cousins that have different kinds of parents and it is very clear in some instances the difference in parenting styles and their kid's behaviors. There is no perfect way to raise a child, however, I think that being aware of these various styles can help one to find the combination that works best for them.

I believe that parenting plays an enormous role in a child's life, but I do understand the other social and environmental pieces that play a large role as well. We all have our own opinions on how a child is to be raised and it is solely the choice of the parents. Some ways may be better than others. I believe that authoritative parents, and the book agrees, may be the best way to raise a child. I was blessed with authoritative parents that have shaped me to who I am today. I love the picture and agree if they say that, something is seriously wrong.

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