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According to radical behaviorists "all of our actions are products of preexisting causal influences." For those who belong to this group, free will is an illusion because people are more heavily influenced by the situational factors that trigger them.

So then were does personality play into this?

Decision making can be daunting, but what if we really don't make the decisions and our paths have already been chosen for us?

Well radical behaviorists believe our personalities are bundles of habits acquired by classical and operant conditioning - so really personality to them doesn't cause behavior or factor into decision making, but really, personality is made of behaviors.
So, given this way of thinking, decisions aren't so much as made, but are results of our bundled personalities - so personality is wholly influential on decision making, even if they aren't actual decisions but just products.


Interesting - I had not thought of it like this before, however, I agree. I enjoyed the graphic too - very appropiate!

Wow. This is such a shocking and interesting idea. To think that the decisions made are already determined, not by anything but by our personalities! I can certainly understand that our personality is made up of our behaviors, but do our personalities define the behaviors that we exhibit??

This is a pretty abstract concept, I'd like to see the experiments that these radical behaviorists did to garner evidence for these claims. It does seem hard to falsify, because if someone made a decision against previous well-known habits, then the behaviorist could say that it was habits from childhood that are the key factor in making that decision. Still, I think this hypothesis is better than a lot of what is out there.

This a very interesting idea. However I do not think this way for the fact that sometimes I like to do stuff spontaneously. Every once in a while I like to get out of my comfort zone and do something I would not normally do. Cool post though.

Very interesting idea (a little hard to understand at first too!). It's strange to think that our decisions have been predetermined for us. Although if personality does wholly determine our decisions, then the outcomes of your decisions can change the situation to affect your personality, which would then lead to new decisions. Whew! A complicated cycle is born! I agree that personality factors on some extent influence our decisions, but a lot of times we make more rational and logical decisions that contradict our personality traits. I think this hypothesis places too much emphasis on the influence of personality, but it's a good start!

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