[Make-up] Which One Do I Choose?

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We make decisions every day, including anything from what we eat for breakfast to whether or not we stay up all night cramming for finals. Many of these decisions mainly impact ourselves individually: If I don't eat anything for breakfast, I'm the one feeling hungry, not my classmates (although my classmates could be annoyed that my stomach is growling); if I choose to stay up all night to study, only my grades will be affected (of course, my roommates might get annoyed at the lights staying on, and throw me out the window). In this sense, our decision making process is very individualized and personal.
However, a lot of other factors can indirectly affect our choices: Opinions from others, mood in the present situation, outcomes of previous situations, etc. But one factor that affects our choices which is often overlooked is stress, mainly caused by when we have too many things on our mind, or when we're simply distracted. Medical News Today reported on the issues of stress and decisions through an article from September 20th, 2009. It described a study done by psychologists at the Bangor University, in the United Kingdom. Participants were asked to gamble on faces; certain ones were associated with winning, others with losing, and the rest with breaking even (the associations never changed). Participants were then asked to recognize faces in short amounts of time, some while distracted and others while focused.
The results? Not surprisingly, the group that was allowed to focus were highly competent at recognizing and associating faces. The group that was distracted? Not so much. In fact, psychologists found that the distracted group tended to only recognize faces associated with winning, suggesting that when we make decisions under stress, we tend to only focus on information associated with positive outcomes, and "skip over" negative outcomes. We may think we're seeing the whole picture, but in fact, our decision could only include half of the spectrum.

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