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After reading this article, I was very surprised to learn how there are many more college students with mental disorders now than there were ten years ago. The article stated that most people who go to counseling sessions are currently taking medications because they have already been diagnosed with some type of mental illness whereas ten years ago people would go to counseling sessions because they had just failed a test or broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I think that there has been a rise in mental illness in college students because students are put under so much stress which makes situations in their life a lot more traumatic such as being placed into a new situation and having to adapt to it, or even dealing with a loss of a loved one. I think that students are also having a very hard time adjusting to the college life, which can be a factor of developing mental disorders. I think that it is sad that these rates have increased as much as they have because that means that my peers might be struggling with this mental disorders.




All of the pressure to succeed that students experience, combined with the financial and relationship problems that often arise in college, I sometimes wonder how anyone is able to make it out with their sanity intact! Haha, maybe the secret is to have a good balance of fun to handle the stress...

i find this article very interesting because this can also affect me in a way. I am surprised how the stats have risen from 10 years ago. I understand how students are put through so much pressure during college that makes them have some kind of mental illness or they have had it but it just worsen throughout the time in college. I hope for the future the numbers decrease instead of increase.

I was really interested in this topic as well, especially when the reading spoke about college kids with mental disorders increasing. Also in the reading, the authors talked about when reading information about these disorders, it is common for readers like us to ask ourselves, "Do I have that?" I experienced this, after losing my father and my grandfather both in less than a year, thinking to myself, "Did I go through depression?" or "Am I depressed every time I feel lonely or sad?" It is very interesting to ask yourself these questions and mental disorders spark curiosity in me.

This topic is a very interesting one. Why this spike? Is it due to different forms of modern communication that has spiked for this generation, or is it due more to the increase in bullying that has occurred recently? More people are going to school now more than ever, maybe that is what is causing this issue to occur. More people are encountering the stresses of school.

I'm not totally convinced that mental disorders have been on the rise. I think that awareness for mental illness has increased, making having and discussing mental disorders more socially acceptable. The difference between acute and chronic depression, however, relates incredibly well to college students. If a student has chronic depression, they probably will struggle with depression for the rest of his/her life. However, if a student has acute depression, it's probably just the stressful life circumstances causing the depression. Either way, I think that depressive tendencies were probably always with the student, it just took certain circumstances to surface them.

I agree with this line of thinking. I don't think that the occurrence of mental disorders has risen, but rather the awareness and identification of these disorders has increased. With an increase in psychological & biological technology, we can more accurately identify these disorders and appropriately treat them.

I understand where you are coming from in this topic. We have many stressors in our lives as college students and it definitely is a large adjustment. Also, when a major event, good or bad, happens in our lives, it is hard to respond to it in a way that will not lead us to self-destruct. I agree with the comment that cass0199 made saying that mental orders may not be on the rise, but rather the awareness and prevention tactics we are taking have significantly increased. It is scary how many people need help and don't seek it. That is a problem that needs to be addressed as well.

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