Blog 2- Group D- Prompt 6

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6. How about animal language? What examples of animal communication can you find and how can you think about these examples scientifically? Is this language?

As I researched for examples of animal communication I came across an extremely interesting piece of information about how Meerkats use a series of different noises to communicate. Animal Planet studied the animals and found that "Meerkats purr to show contentment and attachment. They chatter when they're nervous, and they squeal when danger presents itself. Meerkats also use sounds to coordinate their hunting efforts." This information has lead me to believe that, although it is not as intricate and intelligent as the various human languages, Meerkats do have a form of language. The Meerkats have started assigning different noises to mean different things, ranging from predator warnings to creating defense strategies with other Meerkats. The video below is a perfect example of how the Meerkat's ability to communicate helps a group of Meerkats defend their young from a predator:

In conclusions, many animals form primitive versions of "language" to communicate with one another, and gain progress within species.

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Interesting information on Meerkats. It sounds as though they have created a whole communication methodology that scientists have been able to figure out. Pretty ingenious.

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