Blog 4-Group D-Inattentional Blindness

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Throughout this semester in psychology there were many interesting topics that we went over, but the one that will stick with me the most is the concept of Inattentional Blindness. I never had really thought of the fact that I am missing so much of my life, while trying to get through my every day activities. Ever since i started learning about Inattentional Blindness, I have been focusing on, at least a few times a day, slowing down and really taking in everything around me. Once I started doing this I started noticing things that I had been missing, and new things that I would have otherwise missed. This concept doesn't have to just apply to psychology and knowing how people operate, but also in applying it to my own life and trying to really understand and observe my surroundings. I obviously can't spend the whole day with my head in the clouds and trying to observe my surrounding everywhere I go, but I think I will always try to take a few times in the day to slow down and actually experience the world I am living in.

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I was also intrigued by the Inattentional Blindness topic. I have found that as the rowing season is coming to an end, I have made sure that I
have stopped to take mental photographs of memorable events that I want to take with me. Many of these things I would have let pass by had I not been made aware of this topic in class.

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