Depression in College Students

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In this fast-paced world, it's very easy to become overwhelmed by all the social and academic pressures put on a college student, especially a freshman. This study shows that depression is on the rise in college students. It's very important to get enough sleep and eat healthily, especially in one's first year of college when one is still adjusting to the college lifestyle. Good studying techniques can help cope with major deadlines and tests and help prevent depression. It's just a good idea to take care of yourself and if you think you're getting depressed, see a counselor.

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The College students and depression study was so appropriate as it is incredible the amount of pressure we feel as freshman with the time management and all the course work. I have found it quite the challenge to balance my school work load with the time commitment I have made to the Rowing team. I can see where one could easily become overwelmed and depressed.

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