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Down the road, I feel that the thing that I will take with me is the way companies advertise their products to the masses. Many of my classes this semester have focused on social media and its affects on sales. Advertisements use stimuli and conditioning methods to attract the attention of buyers and lieu them into buying their product. Psychology has showed me some of the techniques they use in order to draw attention to themselves.,r:7,s:34,i:244

Some of todays ads seem completely crazy because of how unrelated they are to the actual product. I feel that I am going to pay more attention to ads now and decipher the different conditioning methods.


I found that to be very interesting as well. I can't even count the number of times I've sat and watched a commercial without finding out what they are suppose to be advertising until the very end, if at all. I mean the E*Trade commercials don't even mention what they actually do now days and I have seen a couple of Jimmy John's commercials where they just have some good looking girl answer the door and start making out with the delivery guy. It is pretty crazy because I remember the days of the fruit roll ups commercials where you knew what was being advertised every single time. Times are changing.

I think the day we learned about that in section was one of my favorite days since we got to create our own and see what other people came up with. I'm watching 8 mile on tv right now and it's interesting I happen to be reading your blog since we're on a commercial break and every ad has their own way of drawing attention. The last three have been an attractive girl, blake griffin (subway), and the idea that a certain diaper will create a great relationship with your son. I agree with you that now I won't be able to not pay attention to ads as I see them.

Some ads are totally ridiculous, I agree! It's interesting to look out for things that people use to "secretly" sell their product to us. Knowing things like this is valuable information for the future because it helps us all to be informed shoppers and such.

I agree with this 100%! I always seem to be very interested in this. It can be so ridiculous what some companies end up doing to get attention, ultimately selling their product. Sex appeal is always a big thing, and it honestly sickens me. It seems like advertisements have always been like that, and I don't think they're going to change anytime soon. It makes me feel like we're all just a bunch of hornballs!

It's astonishing and truly baffling to see what lengths some companies will go to to try and sell their products. It's kind of funny, actually.

Since covering this topic in class, I can't help but look at an ad and think about what they are really trying to sell and the methodology behind it. I also like to look for any hidden sales pitches.

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