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We learned many concepts in psychology this semester, but I believe one specific concept that will stay with me is the concept of nature versus nurture. I really enjoyed learning about this topic as I am currently studying biology, so it was easy for me to make connections from the textbook to applications in science. The experiment in particular that caught my attention was when twins were separated they still expressed some similar traits and personality factors - clearly indicating that there is something to the "nature" argument. However, nurture cannot be ignored either as raising someone in certain situations can clearly change personality traits that they have (like, a safe environment would promote security and trust whereas an abusive environment would promote apprehension, distrust, and aggression). Nature versus nurture is essentially saying that you have to realize that it's a mix of the two that defines a person; not necessarily one more than the other.

In the future I hope to do some work in science, primarily biology, and this is obviously a key topic for debate among geneticists everywhere: how important is the way someone is raised in relation to their genetic makeup? What makes someone who they are?

A well created, unbiased video that I have seen about this topic comes from Psychoanalyst Maxson McDowell who was previously a molecular biologist.


I feel like nature versus nurture will forever be engraved in my brain; we spent so much time on it! Despite how interesting it is, it frustrates me because both seem to always have such good arguments as to whether it's nature or nurture--just like your example of the twins. Good post!

Nature vs Nurture, I found this topic really interesting as well and as with you I found the twins example very interesting. I also agree with you that environment and exposure can play a big role in the development of a personality.

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