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I feel like one of the aspects of psychology that I will take with me will be the information about the sleep studies, and the sleeping disorders. I found it fascinating learning about the different cycles, and aspects that went into us obtaining a good nights rest. I found it extremely interesting. I learned about the REM cycle, and how the sleep cycle repeats itself every 90 minutes as opposed to happening once a night. I feel that since sleep is such a vital part of not only my life but in the lives of my peers it is a concept that we could all remember.

Another thing that was really interesting was that there are differences in waves as the differences in part of the cycle take place. Starting first with Beta waves then moving to Alpha waves. This then transitions to Theta waves and then we see the k complex and sleep spindles. And the last set of waves we see before we reach REM sleep is the delta waves.

It was also fun to learn about the different sleep disorders, like insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep- walking and night terrors. I found these to be really interesting topics as I didn't know much about them before this unit.


I also find sleep interesting. I used to think sleep was one big cycle and you enter deep sleep only once during the night, but as you stated the sleep cycle is 90 minutes and you run through multiple sleep cycles every night! When I was younger I used to experience night terrors frequently. One night my parents even took me to the emergency room because they thought something seriously wrong was happening. I can tell you right they are scary stuff; much worse than a nightmare!

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