The Milgram Paradigm


For a refresher the Milgram experiment is where a subject had to apply electric shocks to a "victim" with orders from a person in a position of authority. This experiment reinforces the concept of obedience which proves to be appalling at times. The test opened my eyes as to how people obey orders from authority will little or at times no thought of what they are doing. It can be scary as seen in the case of Milgram's experiment and could be the root of of many catastrophic events in human history. Obedience is easy to see in everyday life for our benefit with laws the government places in effect and it's as simple to see with children. Tell a child to take off their shoe and go hit someone with it and they very well may do it, although not encouraged. Another concept that will stick me and is along the lines of obedience is conformity. Conformity is prominent in every aspect of our life and at unfortunately at times suppresses creativity and originality. Conformity will stick with me because it is something I see happening all the time to people and even I fall victim to it.


The Milgram Paradigm is an eye-opener experiment. I had never heard of it until this class, and after watching the video and learning about it, I have never been so surprised in my life. It is very scary, indeed, that people obey others just because of their professional uniform, not even knowing if they actually are a cop, or a doctor, etc. or not.

I found the Milgram experiment to be interesting and disturbing at the same time. The idea that people just follow orders because of authority even when they know they are wrong was really scary.

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