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Human Trafficking in Italy Exposed

Over 2,000 people throughout Italy were accused of human trafficking after investigations uncovered adults and children who were being forced into prostitution and working in sweatshops.

Most of the people being forced into these trafficking rings, and controlling them are foreigners from Eastern Europe, including Albania, Romania and elsewhere.

Those involved were accused of exploiting prostitution and favoring illegal immigration. Of the 2,000 plus accused, 784 have been detained and 1,311 were released pending legal proceedings. Police said young girls were being forced to work as prostitutes and many more adults and children were working in mainly textile sweatshops.

The widespread investigation led to arrests throughout the country. A total of 15 houses for prostitution, four nightclubs, and three sweatshops were seized.

Lead analysis: The New York Times and CNN.com both carried this Associated Press story, but CNN's coverage included more quotes and gave the story more of a human interest appeal. Both stories began with basically the same lead, playing off of the more than 2,000 that were accused and telling the reader exactly what happened.