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Water Contamination in the Metro

The Minnesota Health Department is investigating the safety of drinking water in the metro area. Investigators are linking contaminations in area ground water supplies to chemical disposal done by 3M in the past.

Perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) concentrations in the Prairie du Chien and Jordan aquifers, from which most of the east metro area draws its drinking water, were found to be over the one parts per billion limit set by the Health Department. Although there are no immediate effects of drinking the contaminated water, the long-term effects of PFBA exposure are still mostly unknown. Therefore, health officials suggest using bottled or filtered water for drinking and cooking until the problem can be resolved.

For the next two weeks ground water supplies in Inver Grove Heights and Rosemount will be tested to determine how extensive the contamination is in throughout the metro and surrounding area. Testing is not only going to be done on numerous private residential wells, but also on the water supplies of businesses.

Lead analysis: In The Star Tribune's coverage of this story, the writer chose to construct a lead that tells the reader what is happening in the story. Water contamination is the first thing mentioned, which obviously is a great way to draw a reader into the story. However, I thought the Pioneer Press did a better job of getting down to the bare bones of the story in their coverage. That article is more straight forward, explaining what the contaminants are earlier in the article than the Star Tribune.