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Debate in Congress Over Bush's Troop Plan

Congress prepared to debate President Bush's proposed plan for Iraq, which includes 21,500 more troops being sent overseas. Many senators, both Democrats and Republicans, oppose the troop increase but must decide on an alternative plan of action that would be best for the country.

A bipartisan resolution that opposes Bush's plan, but encourages support for forces searching for Al-Qaida was discussed late last week. Democrats opposed this plan because it will not cut off war funds.

There are also Republican plans in the making, one supporting Bush's plan, and one to continue support for troops already in the field.

Some Democrats are looking for binding legislation that will start to pull U.S. forces from the field and start bringing troops home.

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*A note about attribution: The CNN.com story is based mainly off of direct quotes. The Pioneer Press did less direct quoting but more paraphrasing. This story also attributed The Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press as contributors. The Star Tribune's coverage includes more partial quotes, it also directly quotes a report.