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Global Warming Becoming a Hot Issue in Minnesota

A House-Senate committee discussed global climate change with experts at the Capital in St. Paul Tuesday. Global warming specialists including two University of Minnesota ecologists, David Tilman, Lee Frelich, and Arctic explorer Will Steger warned that green-house gas emissions need to be decreased.

Experts agreed that Minnesota needs to join the fight against global warming and take action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Steger told the committee about disappearing Arctic ice which is releasing methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Tilman said there are a number of solutions to combat global warming.

A bill was introduced Monday that set goals for greenhouse-gas emissions in Minnesota to be reduced 50 percent from 2005 to 2050. Sen. Ellen Anderson, DFL, had introduced similar bills years before, but said she is more optimistic that this bill will catch on. More Democrats as well as Republicans are recognizing global climate change as a problem than ever before.

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