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Minnesota Smoking Ban

A statewide smoking ban will likely be put to a vote in the state legislature in the near future. The Senate Health, Housing and Family Security Committee, the first committee to vote on the ban, approved it on Monday. The Senate Business, Industry and Jobs Committee will be the next to see the ban before it goes to a floor vote.

The proposed smoking ban would prohibit smoking in all public places, including restaurants and bars. Hotel rooms, smoke shops, and Indian casinos would be the only exceptions to the ban. This statewide ban would negate local bans that differ across the state, but allows for more strict ordinances to be passed on individual basis's.

Amendments that would allow business owners to purchase licenses and install ventilation systems in order to allow smoking in their establishments were voted down in the Senate Health, Housing and Family Security Committee.

The more business-friendly committee will be the next to see the ban, and vote on amendments.

See Pioneer Press coverage from Monday, Feb. 5.