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South Dakota Reworks Abortion Ban

South Dakota lawmakers reworked last year's abortion ban proposal to hopefully gain the ban more acceptance with the public. Last year, a near-total abortion ban was shot down by voters.

The new bill lawmakers introduced in January would allow for more exceptions, including for victims of rape or incest and if the pregnancy would significantly endanger the woman's health. Voters cited the lack of exceptions as a reason for not supporting the ban last November.

The new bill includes a 17 week gestation period limit on the rape and incest exception. There are also now requirements restricting when rape and incest cases must be reported to police and doctors.

Some lawmakers think it is too soon for another bill to be put in front of the voters, said Democratic Sen. Julie Bartling.

Republican Rep. Gordon Howie said legislators should not lose their momentum, citing the slim margin with which November's repeal was passed. Only 56 percent of voters opposed the more strict bill.

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