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Sorority's Actions Raise Questions of Discrimination

The Delta Zeta sorority at DePauw University in Indiana is under fire for recently kicking 23 of their members out of their house because the women's looks did not coincide with the image the sorority was trying to achieve.

National Officers of Delta Zeta interviewed the members of the DePauw chapter because there were concerns about the sorority image on campus. After 23 of the members were asked to leave, six of the 12 remaining members left because they thought the sorority's actions were unfair.

Other members of the university campus have also taken action against Delta Zeta's decision. Students have held protests on campus, parents and alumni have sent angry letters, and a faculty petition was also signed calling the sorority's actions unethical.

Check out the New York Times coverage of this story.

Follow up: DePauw University President Robert G. Bottoms told reporters on Monday that the university's chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority has been asked to leave campus before September due to the mass eviction that removed 23 of its members. Bottoms said the sorority's actions are not compatible with the values of the small private college in Indiana.