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Iranian Dam Could Damage Ancient Ruins

On Thursday an inauguration ceremony for a controversial dam in Iran went ahead to the dismay of archaeologists and historians.

The utilization of the dam was delayed for months by appeals from the United Nations' Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization. The organization wanted time to excavate ancient Persian ruins that are going to be submerged by the reservoir created by the dam. Among the sites that could be damaged or even destroyed are what is believed to be the Royal Passage of the Achaemenids, the Persian dynasty that ruled in the sixth century B.C. and an Achaemenid village and cemetery dating back 7000 years.

Humidity from the reservoir could also damage the ancient city of Persepolis which is a historical site visited by millions of people every year.

The dam was built to provide irrigation to farms in the area.

Check out coverage of this story in USA Today, the Star Tribune, and Sci-Tech Today, all of which used AP coverage.