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Coon Rapids Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

Police have taken a suspect into custody after an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault in Coon Rapids.

A 12-year-old girl was waiting to go to school on Friday when a man pulled up to her bus stop and asked her for directions. When she came close to the truck he pulled her inside and drove away. After several blocks the girl was able to escape when the truck stopped.

Thanks to eye-witnesses and other people living in the neighborhood of the alleged crime, Coon Rapids police were able to pick up on a suspect quickly and put his home under surveillance.

Christopher John Mitchell, 46, was arrested early Saturday on probable cause of kidnapping, second-degree assault and first-degree criminal sexual assault. Mitchell is expected to be charged Monday or Tuesday. He has no extensive criminal record and he is not a registered sex offender.

The sixth-grade girl is expected to return to school on Monday said her stepfather.

Check out the coverage of the story in the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.
(**NOTE: I thought it was interesting that the Star Tribune did not print the accused's name, but they did explain that it is not something they do until after a suspect is charged. I thought this was probably explicitly stated because the Pioneer Press did print the name of the suspect.)